Active Schools

We are an Active School and achieved our first Active School Flag in 2017. We have a special Active Schools team who organise activities to encourage our school community to be more active.

We have been working hard in each of the four areas – P.E., Physical Activity, Partnerships and Active Schools Week. We have a webpage on each area. Click on each one to read more.

We have lots of activities in the yard at lunchtime. Our team of play leaders from 4th Class, supported by Ms. Kilkenny, set up activities for children across the school each day. We have a ball game area where children can play games like four square and dodgeball. In each of the other yards or in the hall, there are spaces to play our ‘Craze of the Week’. This might be hula hoops, skipping, parachute or music and dance.

Here are our Play Leaders for 2016-2017!

img_1725 img_1726

Our 3rd and 4th Classes are also active at home, as they take part in the ‘Super Troopers’ programme and have sport activities for homework!

We also have opportunities for parents and carers to get involved with active classes, including ‘Boxercise’.

Last year, our 4th Class Active Team created a Prezi presentation to explain more about becoming an Active School. Click here to have a look!

You can read about the four areas of the Active Schools Programme by clicking on the menu above. The four areas are PE, Physical Activity, Partnerships and Active Schools Week.

Find out more about Active Schools Programme here:

Or read more below:

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Children in Active Schools:

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 16.36.34What are the challenges? What are we focusing on?

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There are four key areas to the ‘Active Schools’ Programme – our physical education lessons, physical activity at other times of the day, getting everyone involved and having an Active Schools Week.
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