Our Staff

The principal is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the school. She works alongside the deputy principal, who also teaches a class, and a team of teachers who have a variety of middle leadership roles and responsibility for different aspects of the curriculum.

There is a full-time teacher for every class from Junior Infants to 6th Class. Other teachers work as Learning Support, Language Support or Resource teachers. These teachers may work alongside the class teachers or take smaller groups or individual for targeted support teaching.

We have a Home School Community Liaison teacher who works in partnership with families to support good attendance and engagement with school life and to offer help or advice to families who need it. We also work with a range of other professionals who support children for whom learning or relationships may be difficult.

We have several Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) in school to support children with their learning. They may support individual children or groups of children or provide general help in classrooms and around the school. We have a range of additional specialist teachers and coaches who offer expertise in specific areas of the curriculum, for example, sport and music.

Our secretary works in the school office and supports the smooth running of the school’s administration, including supporting new admissions, managing extra curricular activities and dealing with financial matters.

Our caretaker looks after the school building, site and grounds, keeping it clean, tidy and well-kept.

At St. Mary’s, staff work together as a team to plan and teach. There is a sense of shared responsibility for providing children with the best possible education. Staff work across the school and with all age ranges and in our small community, children are known by name and will work with most staff at some point during their time with us.


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