At St. Mary’s Primary School, we encourage children to learn in an active way. They will have opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge to practical activities and to make decisions about what and how they learn. Children are also given the opportunity to express their views about how the school grows and develops, sharing their ideas for making the school a better place to learn. We will ask children’s views in different ways, some may represent their class on a school team or they may express their opinions through school assemblies, class discussions or through a survey or questionnaire.

At our school, we use a range of teaching methods and plan for a variety of learning opportunities to ensure all children can succeed. We know that children will feel more confident and have strengths in some subjects more than others. We know that children learn in different ways and often, at a different pace to others. We always try to link learning in one area to another and find creative ways to help children learn.

Here is a helpful overview of the Irish primary school curriculum:


The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment have produced several helpful ‘tip-sheets’ for parents to help support your child’s learning at each stage of their time through primary school.

The first, for younger children, is about the importance of play and ways to play with your child at home to promote their learning and development of key skills.

Each of the following tip-sheets gives information about the curriculum for each age and stage.

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