PE (Physical Education) is part of our school curriculum. We have developed a school plan for PE, which outlines how and when we teach the six strands of the curriculum – Athletics, Aquatics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and Adventure. This has been updated to reflect the changes we have made in recent years as we focus on PE and Physical Activity in our school.

Each class has two sessions of PE each week and we use lots of different resources and equipment to help deliver exciting and engaging lessons. These cover all six strands. We also have a range of online resources, including the PSSI lessons, that teachers can access for support.

This year, we have fundraised to help us replace old PE equipment and replace it with new. We have decided to have a separate space to store our playground activity equipment to make both easily accessible and so that there is sufficient amounts of resources for all age groups at all times.

We talk about children’s progress in PE at parent teacher meetings and in each child’s end of year report.

Our teachers are members of the IPPEA (Irish Primary PE Association) and have undertaken training in a variety of areas, including the BeActive ASAP training and the new ‘Move Well, Move Often’ Fundamental Movement Skills and physical literacy workshops.

We use the SuperTroopers Programme to give children opportunities to do physical activity as part of their homework. All classes have the notebooks and choose activities for homework on their PE days.

Parents can read more about how to encourage their children to be active at home here:



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