First Steps

‘First Steps’ is a literacy programme that was first developed in Western Australia. It has three programmes, one for Speaking and Listening, one for Reading and one for Writing.

In each area, teachers map children’s development and plan a programme to move children’s learning forward. The programmes explicitly teach children the skills they need to be successful readers and writers. These skills enable the children to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas, views, opinions and feelings.

The ‘First Steps’ model is dynamic and interactive with a comprehensive range of practical teaching and learning experiences.

The 10 genres explored in the ‘Speaking and Listening’ programme are:

1.  Discussions
2.  Extended Conversations
3.  Partner and Small-Group Work
4. Oral Reports
5. Questioning and Inquiry
6. Interviews
7. Meetings
8. Arguments and Informal Debates
9. Interest Talks
10. Storytelling and Anecdotes

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