Gaeilge (Irish), is taught every day in all classes. In the first few years at school, there is an emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills. Children play games, sing songs and learn rhymes. They will learn vocabulary for every day topics and themes like family, food, clothes, shopping and special occasions.

Further up the school, children will also read and write in Irish. They will develop their speaking and listening skills so that they can hold a conversation with their friends and speak confidently and answer questions on a given topic.


Supporting your child at home

If you’d like to help your child and develop your own skills in learning Gaeilge. Here are some helpful websites to try:

‘Irish for Parents’ has good information about supporting your child learning Irish:

Éasca Péasca is another good site where you can learn Irish at your own pace while speaking it with your children

‘Ríomhchainteoir’ turns Irish text into speech – useful in helping to pronounce tricky words: ‘


Websites for children:

There are plenty of good websites for children to practise their Gaeilge at home. These sites have interactive games, songs, stories and video. Have a look!


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