We want the children at St. Mary’s to develop a love of reading and writing from their very first day at school and throughout their time at school.

Reading and writing are central to the school day. All children read in school every day and in many different ways. They might read silently, or read with an adult in a guided reading group. Others may read an e-book or complete an activity or book review based on their latest book.

We know that children need to have meaningful reasons, motivations and audiences for their writing. We provide them with a range of life experiences and educational visits to extend and enrich their learning, giving them something to want to write about.

A very important part of the day is our class story, a carefully chosen novel read aloud by the class teacher.

We also encourage children to read at home every evening as part of their home learning.

Here are some ways you can support your child at home:

Over the next few years, a new language curriculum will be introduced to all schools in Ireland. Parents/carers can read more information on the new curriculum here:

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