Maths is taught every day and our children love maths! We place great emphasis on learning through games, problems and practical tasks with the goal of learning and memorising key addition and subtraction facts up to 2nd Class and times tables from 3rd Class up. We use high quality concrete resources so that children can see the practical application of maths in real-life problems.

The Irish Maths curriculum identifies the following core strands for child’s learning

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Shape and space
  • Measures
  • Data

Discussion, hands-on experience with materials, and active learning are encouraged as well as the development of mathematical language to share ideas and thinking.

Here are some helpful hints for supporting your child with their learning at home.

The infant versions are available in several languages – click here to see them.





We also want our children to learn the value of money. Try the website below at home:

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